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More on Me and Mission

December 26, 2012

With a keen curiosity for life, culture, people and prose–I travel, eat, play, share, observe, think and write. I’ve learned more through personal quests to quench curiosity and real life experiences than profession, and I’m too young to know everything.

As an environmentally educated, world traveled humanitarian, I’m here to highlight positive opportunity for action and change within degrading social and environmental circumstance.

I’m active–biking, snowboarding, hiking, enjoying nature–and keep the body and mind nourished as a self-studied nutritionist and connoisseur of all things pure and edible.

With a driving motivation to forward efforts toward social and environmental betterment through innovative approaches to sustainability and advancing societal change, I present innovative commentary on life, culture, environment and well-being rooted in tangible reality and psychological interplay.

At their core, I believe solutions to a just, sustainable world rest in our consciousness–our behaviors, habits, expectations, decisions, thoughts and actions that shape our lives, our children’s lives and complete social paradigm.

As this blog evolves, you will find varied, yet interconnected content as I try and continually offer fresh avenues of thought and understanding–perspective–while hoping to resonate with mutual minds and strike inspiration in all to more fully embrace what you do and how you do it from attitude to function.

We can catalyze a collective lifestyle infused with social and environmental consciousness, health, conviviality and co-operation towards a just, sustainable future along this journey of shared muse. There’s enough room for everyone, so hop on and join the adventure.

Musing Space

Please share reflections, viewpoints, opinions and thoughts in comment sections throughout Solsticeson’s Celebrational Servings, and in the spirit, feel free to reblog posts and spread the word.

View On Musing and Mission for more on muse, and Sustainable Solstice on Sustainability.

Words to taste:

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  1. December 29, 2012 7:23 am

    wow, I really like what you’re doing here, why you’re doing it and how. It’s almost like I’m looking in the mirror. Good stuff, I look forward to reading your musings.

    • December 29, 2012 4:37 pm

      Thanks for reading and sharing, Sven. I feel mutually when reading your ruminations–and use muse synonymously with ruminate. Glad we discovered each other within this wild world on the web. Best in your writing and life endeavors.

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