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On Sustainable Solstice

December 16, 2012

Sunrising Field

Although open to detection, an essential sustainability component of SolsticeSon’s Celebrational Servings has not been properly shared. In honor of this essential ingredient, a Sustainable Solstice page has been added. Content of that page follows.

Solstice, derived from sol, referring to sun and sistere, to stand still, the sun as seen from Earth actually comes to a stand still twice a year before reversing direction. Each solstice symbolizes change and new beginnings, as the natural world adapts to a transitioning environment between summer and winter.

Although SolsticeSon was born on the mark of winter, meaning behind the name roots deeper and branches off into new directions of growth.


Sustainable Solstice represents just this–branching off from status quo trajectory, adapting life through a period of transition into a wealth of growth as a flourishing community takes root.

Spreading social and environmental awareness to inspire action toward just and sustainable practice, all writing offers opportunity to discover ways of helping you, others, the environment and the planet within a troubled world.

SolsticeSon’s Celebrational Servings mission remains, synergistically working toward a lifestyle of shared muse that opens perspective, connects people, inquisitively observes reality and illusional reality, exposes truth and in turn, embraces a culture readied in mind for the transition marked by a Sustainable Solstice.

Celebrate the solstice of a new world. Cheers.


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