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Sustainably Combatting Climate Change: Humility Vs. Power

April 9, 2013

What if I told you combating climate change is worthless? Worse, in fact, that it’s draining–of time, money, brainpower, innovation, energy, resources? Would you agree?

Are we taking action, or procrastinating? As it states in Oxfam’s photo above, many are “hungry for climate action,” but is there more static analysis than actual change?

What can we do to get on track? What can you do to help? There are pertinent issues to explore and relevant actions to take. Let’s have a look.

Current Climate Change Standstill

Basic observations were made–CO2 levels are rising, temperatures are following suit, winters are mild, rain seasons are changing, etc. After that, an enormous amount of waste has been poured into this climate jumble continuing to observe, research, discuss and report, where government, media, nonprofits, for-profits and entrepreneurs are devoting time and resources in vain.

We are standing still through procrastination guised as action via planning, speculating and trying to predict and alter things we should not play God with (as geoengineers look to control climate with a remote control, putting additives into the atmosphere similar to chemicals and pesticides in mono-crop agriculture, and we know where that’s got us–more trouble). Adjusting the climate is simply out of human reach. Perpetually straining ourselves to do so is not positively advancing society or solving problems.

A New Approach

We’ve started into climate analysis and now we’re in too deep to stop–we feel pressured to continue with numbers, statistics, reports as meaningless as a weather report for next year’s Christmas day and failed negotiations. We need to put ego aside, to humble ourselves, especially those in authority, and accept the universal uncertainty that surpasses human understanding to recognize that our approach, no matter how widespread, is rather futile.

Nevertheless, climate is invariably varying. It has done so for time far greater than human existence. If we want to sustain life throughout steadfast fluctuations, it’s time we start devoting the mass resources–money, time, brainpower, innovation, you get it–toward adapting and evolving ourselves–our thinking, habits, expectations, societies, government, and overall structure as a race.

Power Vs. Humility

Although it seems more daunting and contradictory to our natural human impulse to be the controller instead of the controlled, we are inferior to the greater forces of Mother Nature. Natural disasters and historical events have proved that we are but helpless to their profound force.

We don’t need to get real on climate–we need to face our own reality, our own place within a system of time, power and magnitude far greater than us. Human intuition drives us, advancing our ability to manipulate life and explore tremendous technological advancements, but due humility is more powerful–and more conducive to survival.

It’s said that you need to know yourself before you can help others, that if you’re happy with yourself you’ll make others happy. Similarly, if we stop trying to figure out the natural world system within a greater universe beyond comprehension (others) without first understanding who we are and what our role is on Earth (self), than we are acting immaturely and without proper insight.

If we first get to know ourselves and understand our role in the grand scheme, we can evolve and sustain accordingly. We will inevitably help others and increase the probability of decreasing the effects of climate variation to better suit our lives, while adapting and evolving to live out our place on Earth in cooperation with the natural world.

Sowing Seeds of Change

Phenomenally, there is a large and growing population of people who have realized things are backwards, that we must act in accord to forces and systems more powerful and beyond our comprehension–I stress–we do not control them but must evolve to live within their parameters.

These pioneers are sowing diverse seeds within communities worldwide as common understanding rises and initiative accumulates. We are a living species and our innate instincts are starting to surface. We know what’s right, we believe what’s right and we’re struggling to break free, wiggling confined to a mold.

You are part of a greater effort toward success, one where nothing is in vain and even simple acts make a difference in the grand scheme. When you’re on the track of humble action, powerful changes ensue instead of resource-depleting, procrastination-ridden strategies of analysis.

What do you think? Are we making strides? Does this reason strike rhyme with you?

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  1. Alex Jones permalink
    April 9, 2013 2:42 pm

    I am glad to see posts like this. Helping people to feed themselves appears more important to me than trying to curb a degree rise in temperature.

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