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Simple Reminder: Forgive

January 31, 2013


While revenge correlates with competition and separatism that fails society, forgiveness results in convivial collaboration. Michael McCullough wrote Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct, explaining the ability to forgive is as much a result of natural selection as the impulse for revenge, saying forgiveness likely evolved as a means of social cooperation.

Being social beings, we need social connections. Forgiveness holds an often overseen magnitude to enhance our lives.

Everyone finds their way through life differently. Accepting that and wholly understanding that getting pent up simply weighs us down and destroys relationships. Forgiveness is essential to maintaining meaningful, connected relationships and fostering happiness.

Clear your slate of negativity and find peace by learning to let go. Create a comfortable inner dialogue. How you speak to yourself has the power to limit or expand your life, and in turn, others.

Be honest with yourself and others.

Consider what you may have done to irk another. Then put yourself in their shoes to see in perspective and realize the golden rule. We all want to be forgiven, and it’s best for ourselves and for others in our lives to do so.

Become independent of weighty woes–forgive yourself, forgive others and find peace in forgiveness. Happiness lies in finding and meeting yourself with content. While accepting, knowing and forgiving yourself are essential to shaping your reality that emanates into the world around you, it’s essential to see the world from within, not allowing social situations or the complete social paradigm to affect you.

Our credulity is greatest concerning the things we know least about. And since we know least about ourselves, we are ready to believe all that is said about us.

~ Eric Hoffer

We all know we should let things go, to forgive, but in the moment it sometimes seems impossible. We’ve come to inhabit a world that bolsters negativity and the habit of holding grudges through competition, greed, ego and independence as opposed to a life of positivity and forgiveness through collaboration, sharing, humbleness and mutual responsibility. Let go of the old word ways, celebrate the solstice of change and embrace each day with forgiveness.

Gracing yourself with forgiveness will likely open new doors in your life and fire new connections, while you may find that an open mind invites you into the progressive world of ideas, art and forward change in our world.

You’ve likely heard these words of wisdom through multitudes of media, sometimes we just need a simple reminder.

“What is known is rejected, because it is not sufficiently considered that men (and women) more frequently require to be reminded than informed”

~ Samuel Johnson

Things you’ve likely heard before, seemingly obvious, simple reminders meriting sufficient consideration. Let them guide you toward fuller well-being.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Alex Jones permalink
    February 1, 2013 2:58 pm

    Negativity breeds negativity. Efforts to break the chain leads to positive rewards.

  2. February 7, 2013 3:33 pm

    Lovely post! I believe forgiveness heals the soul.

    • February 7, 2013 3:56 pm

      Thank you. It is amazingly powerful. You’ll do well in life to maintain that belief.

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