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Mingling Science and Mysticism

December 24, 2012

Do your thoughts ever manifest in happenstance, yet so fitting ways they seem beyond serendipity or coincidence? Recently, I’ve had a bout of these transcendental occurrences.

Often contemplating a concept, object or a person leads to an event, conversation or stumbled run in with something directly correlated. Every time taken aback, the more it happens, the more I question whether it is mere coincidence or serendipity of a higher order. Could our thoughts have the power to manifest in reality?

Mysticism is part of the fun, and believing in something while accepting ignorance to its profound essence is positive, but the rational side always questions if it is mere coincidence.

It’s reasonable to see it mechanically–if your mind is focused on something, it’s going to notice correlations where it wouldn’t have before. The logical explanation isn’t strong enough to knock out my belief in deeper connection, however, where belief itself has demonstrated powerful mind-body influence.

The spiritual are more inclined to believe thinking positive thoughts and high mental energy has influence in real life. Scientists may see this as kooky, but they are asking the same questions and using scientific approaches to prove spiritual claims.

While science and spirituality appear contradictory, in many cases they believe in the same thing, just require different forms of justification. Spiritual belief recognizes inexplicable phenomenon and accepts it, where scientists feel they can’t accept unless they can prove.

For example, many trust the power of the mind and feel that channeling energy can be felt and manifested on the other side of the world–that everything is interconnected in one system.

At the same time, scientists are discovering that one tiny particle affects matter around the world. They’ve sought proof for the same thing–everything is interconnected.

In regards to shaping a sustainable world, a degree of both spirituality and science is needed. Where instead of manipulating and attempting to control nature, science is used to understand natural phenomena to better innovate and apply findings beneficially, and spiritual acceptance of what works but is not fully understood allows for instinctual application for harmonic lifestyles.

What do you think: Serendipitous or coincidental mind-manifested occurrences? Spiritual belief, scientific proof or both?

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  1. December 29, 2012 12:40 am

    When I was younger, I used to get very intense bouts of “dejà vu”. And it kinda freaked me out. It still happens now, but much less frequently. However, the sensation is much stronger now.

    Eventually, I came to the conclusion that my “déjà vu” was either a coincidence, or my “mis-remembering” my dream. I have a scientific education and think in a “scientific” way. So I can’t bring myself to believe that I actually dreamed into the future…

    However, when it comes to spiritual belief vs. scientific proof, I try to keep an open mind. I accept the scientific proof when it exists, but try to open myself to the spiritual when science fails to have the answer.

    For example, evolution. Science has explained the mechanism by which species evolve from other species. However, science cannot adequately explain the beginning of life on this planet. So, is it possible that “God” (whom ever you believe that to be) created unicellular life? And in his “infinite wisdom”, did he know that that life would eventually evolve into humans?

    • December 29, 2012 4:25 pm

      Hey, JP. That is quite interesting, thanks for sharing. I’m with you, that the ‘déjà vu’ could have been coincidence or vague memory of a similar dream scenario, but that you also could have dreamed into the future. Our thoughts do manifest most interestingly in reality–coincidence or guided correlation.

      Giving both science and spirituality credit is the best practice one can make, I believe. It seems like nonsense to rule one or the other out. As you say, when scientific proof is there, great, but if not, leave it to a ‘spiritual’ understanding, where you understand and accept it for what it is with a level of humble ignorance.

      However, one ought not give steadfast belief to one or the other. Take evolution, for example, science has proved what it could so far, based on what it could find, so far. Within all science there is a level of uncertainty in its seemingly certain proof. In some instances, new scientific discoveries disprove old proofs that were believed as fact. This, I think, is where spirituality in terms of acceptance and rational understanding are essential to both fill in the gaps and lead scientific inquiry.

      • December 29, 2012 6:12 pm

        It is like so many things in life – you can’t go to extremes. (If you are a Star Wars fan, I believe it was Obi-One Kenobi that said: “Only the Sith deal in absolutes 🙂 ) Believing only in spirituality while ignoring or even mocking science is not going to be productive. Supporting one political party NO MATTER WHAT is not a good idea. Creating a society that is 100% capitalist without any form of regulation is not a good idea.
        If I’ve learned one thing in my 33 years, it is that balance is the key.

      • December 29, 2012 6:38 pm

        Indeed, balance is vital – as individuals, a society, a world. We struggle enough to bring balance to our own lives, while doing what we can toward society and the world, yet disparities endure.

        It could be said that balance is the key to healthy social and environmental stability. In that, looking at what is out of balance in the world reveals opportunity for change initiative.

        Thanks for your insight.


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