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Capture the Creative: The Credibility Bug and Beauty of the Blog

December 23, 2012

Creative genius is both all too common and commonly overlooked. Why are these thoughts passed over by the thinker, and often disregarded by their potential audience if one finds inspiration to expand and express?

The first challenge is personal discernment–catching your creative thoughts, and then public discernment, where having your message listened to poses an obstacle. Both are battling a widespread credibility bug. I’ll elaborate.

First, when we have creative spurts of genius, sometimes we don’t, or don’t know how to, discern what’s worth advancing. We nip it at the bud because of tradition that teaches we aren’t as smart as experts and have no standing.

Then there is disbelief we’d be heard if we spoke, yelled even. Tradition tells us to follow its lead, hinting that our individual ideas and actions won’t draw recognition because they lack credibility. This is hogwash at its finest.

If we don’t want to be told what we’ve heard already, and at the same time don’t believe anything new, how will we advance as a society? We’re led to think representing our ideas isn’t worthy without evidence, either scientific or rooted in anchored facts in pre-established works. The credibility bug, spawned from traditional ‘learning,’ has infected too many minds and stripped them of personal trust and ambition. Influential insight is then missed. Without credible means of backing it is left to speculation.

The credibility bug infects, leaving us to believe what is credited. Tracing the roots of a source presents an interesting chain of events–where did your accredited source generate their information? And where did those who influenced that source get theirs? The pattern continues.

But what is credibility? Could it be given more credit than it deserves? Could it be nonsense guised as reason? One could speculate, and speculation can be elegant, revealing, stimulating and influential to thought–the foundation of functional existence.

If we don’t give a chance to ideas without substantiated evidence, then how are we supposed to progress beyond the realm of known? Creative genius finds itself restrained.

We should reevaluate our ability to discern what is potentially genius, reaching outside steadfast belief in tradition. Then we can give due diligence to creating a representation of our thoughts and sharing them.

Where observation and discernment are the tools of change, creating forms of art to express our unique thoughts can potentially manifest in innovative change.

Give yourself credit and pour your passion into stirring things up. Oust credibility inhibitors and be heard. Learn anew.

You’re creative, curious and have abundant ideas flowing in and out of your mind daily. They’re evasive and easily become lost or hard to locate–Waldos among a sea of thoughts. Discerning what you truly believe–finding your voice, your worldview–allows you to grasp and expand unique creative genius.

One of the beauties of the blog is the medium it provides for anyone to do just this–write and share anything. Use it, along with any other means to spread your message, your art–your captured creativity.

No questioning, no waiting. Screw credibility–credit yourself. In a world of innovation, novel creative genius matters.

Spread the creative bug.

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