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Not so Simple Reminder: Do What’s Right

December 20, 2012


For instance, support the little guy. Small versus big, struggling versus wealthy, honesty versus deceit, people versus profit–you know it’s the right thing to do. But it’s more than that. Much more. Here’s why.

This is as much a manifesto as a reminder–a call to action. Being bold is honored, and contagious.

The little guy is different, which places them on the sideline. Power players on the field who created unsubstantiated consumption rituals are directly linked to shallow practices responsible for social and environmental decline.

You see the little guys on the sidelines with all their potential. You know they could change the game if given a solid chance to play. They just can’t do it alone.

They will recognize your support. Give them a chance and they’ll give back to you. You can trust them. They stay true to you, you stay true to them–it’s mutual, it’s personal.

They need to be stick out to get noticed. They are different, but need to be exceptional to influence you to deviate habit and expectation. It’s a tricky game. Each small, local, alternative business or organization has a story behind them, faces to connect and a quality product and/or beneficial service or mission driving them. This stands them apart from big business and merits your devotion as is.

Simply knowing, however, does not sway. Marketing their story connects and draws attention. It sets them apart. But it also exemplifies bold initiative to foster change. They’re representations of people sticking their necks out to make a difference.

They’re the underdog going into the fight regardless of an expected beating. Their stories and unique presence give them an edge. Contrast draws us to them, but not significantly enough to shake things up and change the game. Not yet. You can help.

The little guys have stepped away from traditional confines. They’re walking towards a sustainable planet focused on social and environmental good, connecting people and establishing a just society. They’re putting their livelihoods into their pursuit because they believe in it.

By boldly supporting what’s different, what’s right, you’re proliferating change in a society battling misguided ritual and inertia. If you take this stand, than you stick out, which draws attention. Don’t let that scare you. Today, being different is one of the most successful decisions you can make.

While little guys succeed by drawing attention to unique narratives and attributes. People aren’t products and enjoy running with the heard, but the thing about stepping into the light and being recognized for your action is that you proliferate acceptance–the heard shifts quickly once a few dare to lead the way toward greener pastures.

When you support the little guy, you’re not just taking a step towards betterment yourself, but joining a pioneering pack of growing numbers. Once you step, others will. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be part of the dominant majority stirring things up and innovatively changing the game, while those who were too timid, who felt secure in numbers despite evident signs of decline, struggle to fit in.

Right now, sharing this message is the most important thing you can do. Send it to everyone you know. Put it out there. You know what’s right. Be bold and take the step–set an example and it becomes a collective step. A shift lies in consciousness results from collective knowledge, growing and manifesting through successive action.

If you see  greener pastures, don’t let inertia; tradition, familiarity and comfort in numbers confine you to barren land. Take a step, share the knowledge and lead the way on an adventure toward lush living.

Help this message reach others. You know what’s right, and so do they. Others will thank you for sharing.

Get ahead of the trend and step into the light. Supporting the little guy is an analogous icon of momentous action toward betterment.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

“What is known is rejected, because it is not sufficiently considered that men (and women) more frequently require to be reminded than informed”

~ Samuel Johnson

Things you’ve likely heard before, seemingly obvious, simple reminders meriting sufficient consideration. Let them guide you toward fuller well-being.



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