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Simple Reminder: Put it in Perspective

December 14, 2012


Perceive everything relatively.

Here in the occident, life is plush; life is different–in a good way (although arguable that the good is responsible for degrading social and environmental well-being and general inequality).

The west may drive many trends and garner awareness from the rest of the world–but are we aware of them? It’s easy to be consumed within our own lives–confined to our country, state, community, friends, family, or even ourselves within a technologically linked world.

Often our troubles are minor relative to others, and although it’s hard to find solace in that, as what causes us distress at times has true merit, but putting it in perspective no doubt helps, and always lessens the degree.

Aside from troubles, another potent area to add perspective toward a more balanced, mindful life, is consumption–many of us consume far more than we ought or need. As it is always wise to Moderate the Good, putting things in perspective helps do so.

Comparatively, we in the west tend to have higher expectations of what, how much and to what extent everything in our life surmounts on a daily basis. Clear the physical and mental clutter by embracing a wider perspective.

Be creative. Apply perspective to varied nifty nooks in life.

Putting things in perspective is a powerful practice; sometimes we just need a little reminder.

“What is known is rejected, because it is not sufficiently considered that men (and women) more frequently require to be reminded than informed”

~ Samuel Johnson

Things you’ve likely heard before, seemingly obvious, simple reminders meriting sufficient consideration. Let them guide you toward fuller well-being.



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