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Simple Reminder: Moderate the Good

December 12, 2012

Too much of a good thing is bad.

Yes, of course, but we often cross the line. This isn’t entirely our fault, however, since the line delineating when one reaches a point surpassing good isn’t thin, but more like non-existent, it becomes a tricky act of balance.

To give a clichéd example, you’re eating ice cream–your favorite kind on a hot day and it’s delicious–yet there’s no way to tell when you start biting beyond the body’s threshold, where every consecutive bite, great at the moment, will leave you feeling sub-par later.

Results are often delayed, and not just with eating ice cream.

When something is good, really just great–indulge with moderation to avoid saturating the pleasure.

Don’t deny it too stringently, but simply be aware–once again, here hides a shifty boundary.

To give another example: you discover a new song you can’t get enough of; well, after listening to it all day on repeat, you may not want to hear it ever again. By listening to it once or twice a day–moderating the good–you’ll reap the good vibes it brought the first time you heard it for much, much longer–overall benefit is increased.

Keep things in check–wallowing in the good equates bad. Think outside the box, beyond the pint of ice cream, and utilize the principle in other aspects of life.

I like to say, “everything in moderation and full appreciation.”

One could aptly apply this reminder toward sustainable living in a world where abundance and overindulgence thrive.

What was initially good in the booming throes of industrialization has played true to the theme and become bad, causing ruckus and problems within a resilient natural world struggling to maintain–a world on which life relies.

Try using less energy, gas, waste and resources. It may be a transition, but you’ll soon find consuming less and doing more provides a more fulfilled life on all fronts–all that really matter. Once again, be creative, but also be sustainable.

With an abundance around, sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures–it’s hard to overdose on these.

“What is known is rejected, because it is not sufficiently considered that men (and women) more frequently require to be reminded than informed”

~ Samuel Johnson

Things you’ve likely heard before, seemingly obvious, simple reminders meriting sufficient consideration. Let them guide you toward fuller well-being.

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  1. December 14, 2012 1:39 pm

    That is a gorgeous photo!

  2. December 16, 2012 8:42 am

    “Everything in moderation and full appreciation.” I very much agree!


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