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Treat Your Taste Buds Sustainably at Boston’s Taranta in the North End

November 4, 2012
Paiche - One of the world's largest fresh water fish

Photo thanks to Live Until You Die 

During a recent jaunt to the town center while visiting friends in the Boston area, an NPR spotlight on a Peruvian/Italian infused restaurant in in Boston’s North End intrigued me. The restaurants name, Taranta, is fun, enticing and as uncommon as the delights prepared by Chef/Owner Jose Duarte and his team.

Surpassing simply good food, Taranta offers pleasant service, while accommodating guests on three stories. The first is open to a lively street, while the second and third offer a more private experience.

Continuing to raise the bar, Taranta became a green certified restaurant in 2007, received Boston’s Green Business Award in 2008, the Massachusetts Recycling Award in 2011, and continues to pursue sustainable integrity through practice and ingredient sourcing.

Duarte is Peruvian, while his wife is a native to the North End–you can begin to feel the authenticity. Knowledgeable Duarte procures Peruvian ingredients both locally and abroad to create zestful dishes. The blissful fusion of smells, textures and flavors accompanied by canny staff and genial atmosphere keep you comfortable and intrigued while you dine.

Hearing Duarte describe his passion coupled with their sustainability initiatives, my values were stimulated and foodie taste buds were tingling to taste the experience.

Looking to celebrate a new job over a fine meal, my friend probed for possibilities. He accepted as quickly as I recommended.

It was a busy Friday night when I hopped from the backseat into busied Hanover Street, hustling to catch our reservation as my friend found parking.

To avoid verbosity describing utter contentedness reached from our appetizers to espresso crusted filet mignon to hazelnut mousse and Lucumisu (a worthy twist on tiramisu concocted with the nutritious and delicious Peruvian lucuma fruit).

Describing Taranta would not be complete without mentioning the Paiche. This Amazonian fish lives in natural environments free of contaminants, while serving as a suitably sustainable source. Likely due to its sustainability and culinary diversity, Duarte keeps Paiche as a menu item open to Chef’s choice of inspired preparation–inquire when you dine.

I had the Paiche, and like Taranta, it was truly unique, savoring and highly recommended. With vibrant spirits and nourished bellies, we left knowing we would return.

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