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Crafting Craft

January 22, 2012

A batch of homebrewed kombucha

This crafty idea came to me in part from experiences working on a local, organic farm, where farmers had a chance to participate in local CRAFT events (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training). CRAFT events are organized regionally and locally to train the next generation of farmers, and share skills, techniques, and practices with other farmers, while supporting organic, bio-dynamic processes. As many go back to the land and the hard work of respectable delectable farming is being supported and recognized more duly, events such as CRAFT are vital components of dynamic continuity and success for sustainable agriculture. By supporting the sharing of ideas, community cohesion, and collective action towards a sustainable future, they also reach substantially into social and individual well-being.

By crafting craft, I envision building off of models such as CRAFT in more areas of expertise. Local businesses, co-operatives, and active sustainable citizens are already taking part in this endeavor. Timebanks are a form of organized craft share, although they focus more on sharing skills and not necessarily teaching them. I encourage people to reach out to their family, friends, neighbors, and community to set up crafty training programs.

Living a sustainable lifestyle and adapting to an upturning economy, climate change, and peak oil, we will require more crafty skills. Unfortunately, heuristic, crafty skills are less common today. On the upside, however, there are plenty of people learning and practicing new crafts.

Learning a craft is fun and life-enhancing. How to brew kombucha, home-brewing, baking, canning, composting, gardening, bee-keeping, and rain water collection are a few examples of a nearly limitless list. What is a craft you would like to learn, who could teach you, where could you learn, and how could more people be further educated in this craft?

Craft craft in your community, and always, keep it crafty.

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