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Nosh On!

January 21, 2012

Nosh is defined as a small item of food, a light meal or snack, or as a verb, to eat between meals.

I could not help but muse for many minutes on this word, as it boldly resonates with my relationship to edible nourishment. As a curious person, foods and flavors are always of interest. Whether something has been tasted before or a first timer for the palate, I love to taste anew or refresh a taste and texture all the same.

This results in noshing on all sorts of odd varieties of what’s at hand. A touch of this, pinch of that, spoon here, fork there, sip sip, slurp, open, seal fresh for later, and it goes on. A noshers life is similar to a grazer or a browser, but noshing is more of a lifestyle. A nosher will keep many noshes and nibbles convenient. It can become a sort of compulsive routine experience.

Practicing enviro-mentality through eco-logic (more on these terms to come), of course I have nosh and not noshables. Selective noshing is important to an enviro-gastronome. Organic, sustainable, fair trade, and purely delicious are requisite.

Noshing supports a healthy lifestyle if practiced properly. With such standards, all noshes nourish. Also, proper healthy noshing supports or builds a palate seeking varietals from the cherished broccoli stem core to all raw vegetables to nuts to mélanges of veggies and spices and dressings of multiple liquids from apple cider vinegar to almond milk to yogurt to balsamic and oils and a mixture of all to chips and chocolate – OK, you get the point.

Nevertheless, there is a key. You must truly nosh with small items and light snacks in order to not ruin your appetite for convivial shared meals. If you over-nosh, however, you can always keep meal portions in check.

Noshing can get messy, as you get into so many varied things around the kitchen and fridge. To keep things in check, a nosher may become rather compulsive, or ritualistic in practice. This will keep things tidy and keep your favorite noshes conveniently available. You may also find yourself wanting to just nosh, and not eat in entirety. Friends will likely notice that you often want a ‘bite’ or a ‘taste’ of what they have, since you enjoy the flavorful exploration of a nosh. Be sure to be aware of this.

Living ‘on the nosh’ may be reduced to those either crafty, well time-managed, or fortunately, or unfortunately depending on circumstance, have time on their hands around the house. How is one to nosh on the go or at work? Unmatched noshing is experienced by those with the luxury of time and little commitment, which may sound pleasant, but to be without purpose in life is a hard state to endure. Humans live and thrive off of purpose, meaning, and connection, so one must be crafty in convening noshes and fulfilling these innate needs. The limits of noshing are pressed. Nevertheless, being busied and pausing for a nosh is not unmanageable, and many likely find it easy and fun to add a variety of noshing throughout their busied days.

Do you nosh? If so, does this reflect your experience, or do you have a new perspective to share? Please share all comments and thoughts on the subject, directly and indirectly related. Let us spark some fun here.

Nosh on my friends.

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