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Antithesis Affairs: Changing Your Life’s Direction Naturally

January 21, 2012

Humans are habitual creatures, yet we also bore easily and often take things for granted. We all should embrace the mundane and take wonder in the complex simplicities of life, but that topic is for another time. Now, our habits, our attention spans, and our changing interests reveal an interesting view into our inspirations and our change inducing appetites.

It’s safe to say that most of us have a mindset, a thesis that mainly directs our life, our goals, our work, and fulfills our interests. This is our operating thesis, our current habit. Now, we may bore of this thesis and search for another modis operandi, however, it is interesting to contemplate the antitheses operating within our lives.

Our antitheses are the relational affairs we have in correlation to our thesis – our other interests occupying our thoughts and energy in efforts to overtake the current game plan. This may all sound a bit odd and hard to grasp, as it is tricky to contextualize. Bear with me, the concept is inquisitive.

Many of us find ourselves at transition points in varied stages of life, whether you are a recent college graduate, looking to change your career, re-locate, looking to pick up baking and start a bakery, what have you. In transition times especially, our antitheses will be numerous and we will give them more attention. We often entertain an antithesis here or an antithesis there, but never fully follow through, allowing the current thesis to continue conducting. The more attention we give an antithesis, the more potential it has to either fail, or gain enough momentum to override our thesis and synthesize into action, into our newly evolved thesis. This is exciting.

So there is a framework: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. I encourage you to explore what the current thesis is in your life, and then list possible stirring antitheses. Then ask yourself if any of your antitheses are truly important to you garnering deeper investigation, an opportunity to reach the tipping point of change in your life, synthesizing the new.

With this new lens to look through, you may recall past times in your life when there was an antithesis fighting to materialize that you wished had, but never gave it the necessary attention to do so. Now could be the time to pick that interest back up with hot pursuit.

Please share your musings on this matter and any experiences of an antithesis affair that turned stable, hopes of synthesis, and/or goals of beginning anew.

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