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Musing – A Lifestyle

January 20, 2012

We all have our musings. Let us realize their potential. Let us endure a shared lifestyle of positive muse.

We live in optimistic times. Busied to the point we are ready to pursue a simplified collective life of purity. When we are not bombarded with to-dos and interference, we can pause and muse on the quirks of the world and the potent lives we live.

The interesting thing about one’s musings, is that they are each unique. A personal muse derives from links of personal experience, and can be sparked by all sorts of situations and observations. Although unique, musings resonate with others through similar experience or shared perspective.

Therefore, musings strike conversation and build connection between individuals. As individuals become more connected, the environment, local communities, quality of life, co-operation, and the prospect of a sustainable future grow.

In today’s fast paced life, it’s often hard to slow to the proper pace to strike a muse and share with another. I hope to use this space to share musings on my life’s zealous curiosities – surrounding the environment, food in it’s purest, most delicious state, co-operative society, conviviality, and over all well-being. As well as random philosophical and abstract bits of muse.

Allow my musing to catalyze sessions of muse in your life, and share those with others to build connected relationships around life’s paradoxically intricate simpleness. Musing is part of a lifestyle. Join a lifestyle that perpetuates introspection and wider connection through social sharing – a musing lifestyle.

Please share your comments throughout this blog, your own, and all you are currently and come to be connected with.

Musing Mammal

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